Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance


 The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 204 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances: the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan, and Holland America’s MS Zaandam cruise ship. The day is reset after midnight GMT+0.


On April 2, France reported 884 additional deaths that have occurred in nursing homes over the past days and weeks [source]. The French Government did not include these deaths in their official count, as their count only takes into consideration the deaths of hospitalized patients. Following international standards of correct inclusion, our statistics will include these deaths and will add them to the April 2, 2020 count following the attribution conveyance criteria of date of the report.



If and when the French government determines and communicates the correct distribution of these additional deaths over time, we will adjust the historical data accordingly. A similar issue took place conveyance on February 12, when China reported an additional 13,332 new cases in a single day due to a change in how cases were diagnosed and reported in Hubei.

The “New” columns for China display the previous day changes (as China reports after the day is over). For all conveyance other countries, the “New” columns display the changes for the current day while still in progress. Read more.



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