Huge funnel web spider nicknamed after ‘The Rock’ handed into Australian Reptile Park

funnel web spider
A standard-sized funnel web (left) compared to “The Rock” (right) Credit: Australian Reptile Park

A giant funnel web spider

dubbed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – has been handed into the Australian reptile park

The huge arachnid has been named after the beefed-up Hollywood star because “he is a very, very large spider,” keeper Jake Money told Sunrise.

Meney says “The Rock,” who is double the size of a standard funnel-web, is “certainly the largest that we’ve ever seen.”

The spider was given to the park on the NSW Central Coast after it asked members of the public to safely catch funnel-webs for their antivenom program.

Spiders that have been handed in participate in the much-needed milking program, with antivenom saving hundreds of lives each year.

The Australian Reptile Park is the only facility in Australia that milks funnel-web spiders, and keepers say “The Rock” will save a lot of lives with his venom.

“The larger the spider, the more venom that’s going to be produced,” Meney said.

How to safely catch a funnel-web spider

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