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Cagayan de Oro

Isa kang magiting na Frontliners sa ating Bayan. Bilib kami sa tapang at lakas ng loob mo kabayan. Kami ay nagagalak sa iyong angking katangian, pinakita mo ang iyong tibay at loob sa paglaban ng atin bayan. –Cagayan de Oro

Wala kang kinakihiya at yan ang tunay na Pilipino. Mabuhay ka magiting na Frontliners at sa mga magigiting na Frontliners na tumutulong upang ma.puksa ang kumakalat na nakakamatay na Virus.

  • Medical frontliners work long hours to attend to patients in these tough times
  • A nurse from Cagayan de Oro was spotted eating on a sidewalk
  • She had just finished a 12-hour-duty at the time

After long hours of sacrificial efforts to attend to patients during these tough times, frontliners need some time to re-charge by eating healthy and having quality sleep.

But, a Cagayan de Oro nurse still in uniform who had just finished a 12-hour-duty was seen eating alone along a sidewalk.

Image by Florencio Galinato Dabbay II via Facebook

CDODev shared that Desiree Dinero, after her duty, apparently felt so hungry that she went to a fastfood chain.

Sadly, the food company has stopped entertaining dine-in customers due to shortage of workforce, so she ordered something for “take-out” and looked for a place where she could start feeding her growling stomach.

Desiree was never separated from parents except this tough times due to fear she might put them at risk, especially that they are now old.

Therefore, she rented a small boarding house and was grateful to the owner for accommodating her despite disclosing to them that she’s engaged in the medical field.

Superbalita Cagayan de Oro further disclosed she and boyfriend Florencio Dabbay II decided to go to a grocery store but she needed to eat first.

Her boyfriend who initially thought she was having breakfast inside a fastfood restaurant was apparently by surprise seeing her eating on a sidewalk so he decided to take photographs of her.

Desiree said in Bisaya, “There was no discrimination. I was just unaware that they are not offering dine-in and most establishments were closed that morning.”

She added that Florencio likes to take random photos of her and they didn’t expect that one of the photos he uploaded online would receive much attention. Cagayan de Oro

The nurse thanked the community’s support for medical frontliners and asked people to stay at home. “I am just one of the hundreds and thousands of frontliners who continually fight in the arena of an unseen opponent.”

We are forever grateful for your sacrificial efforts in these tough times, medical frontliners and all other frontliners!

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro

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