Ang mga Senior High Graduates na may hindi bababa sa 85% Average na grade ay maaari na ngayong mag-apply para sa PMA Scholarship


Good Day to all aspiring cadets! Are you ready to take the PMA challenge? You may now access the Cadet Online Application System for the PMA Entrance Examination.


MANILA, Philippines – Ready to embrace the profession of arms? The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) opened on May 1 the application system for 2020 entrance examinations (PMAEE). View on this page the comprehensive details of application process, requirements, qualifications and reminders.

PMA entrance exam this year is set on August 30 in 44 sites nationwide. Successful applicants will be part of PMA Class of 2025.

Natural-born Filipino
Physical fitness and good moral character
Single, never married or pregnant and not supporting any child or children
High school graduate with a general average grade of at least 85 percent
At least 5 feet in height
No administrative or criminal case
At least 17 but not older than 22 years old on April 1, 2020
Pass the PMA entrance exams

Privilege and honor of serving our country
Free College Education
Monthly Salary and Allowances
State of the art training facilities
Progressive and rewarding career as an officer of one of the branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines


There are three ways to apply for PMA entrance exam: via online, mail or hand-carry to Office of Cadet Admission in Baguio City.

Online application: High School Form 137 or Form 138 and NSO copy of Birth Certificate are the necessary documents for our Online Application. All interested applicants are requested to scan (pdf file format) said documents and attach it to the Online Application System. Check out here to apply.

Mail application: You can open, print and fill-up the application form and mail it to:
Office of Cadet Admission (OCA)
Philippine Military Academy
Fort del Pilar, Baguio City

Or hand carry it to this address:
Office of Cadet Admission (OCA)
Philippine Military Academy
Fort del Pilar, Baguio City

NOTE: If you did not apply online or by mail, you may still get the test on exam day but you will be last priority. “Priority will be given to regular applicants. Proctors bring only limited number of exam materials,” PMA said.


PMAEE aims to measure the mental ability of applicants in the areas of MATH (Algebra and Geometry), ENGLISH (Grammar, Composition, and Reading and Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning which is called SPMA (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis).

NOTE: The exam is FREE.


After receiving the Test Permit from the OCA, the applicant will report to the designated Examination Center on the date indicated on the permit. The applicant must bring the Test Permit so that s/he will be allowed by the Proctors to take the Exam.

NOTE: Taking exam in another test center (not the designated center on permit) is allowed. Go the center on exam day and inform the proctor about your circumstances.

What to bring?
Photocopy of Birth Certificate and Grades
2 x 2 ID Picture
Valid ID (preferably school/driver’s license)
at least 2 pencils ( no. 2)

How long is the exam?

On examination day, the whole morning (7am to 11am) will be for administrative aspects of the exam (fill up forms, limited physical examination, etc). The exam proper starts at exactly 12.00 noon and will last up to 4.30 pm.

Do’s and Don’ts

1. DO NOT FOLD, ROLL, DISFIGURE NOR WRITE ON TOP OF YOUR ANSWER SHEET as this may cause problems with the reading machine.

2. When shading your chosen answer, make sure that you do not extend your shading outside the circle. Do not shade more than one circle. Do not make any stray pencil marks on the answer sheet. If you wish to change your answer, erase your old answer completely and shade your new answer. If you do not know the answer, make an intelligent guess. Do not leave any item unanswered.

The following acts will cause you to be disqualified:
Talking to other applicants during the test
Passing to or receiving anything from another applicant or unauthorized persons during the test
Using any of the following: calculators, cellular phones, or any other electronic gadget


If the applicant passes the Exam, s/he will receive a written notice from OCA informing him of the result of the Exam and instructing him to report to AFP, Medical Center (AFPMC). He will then undergo the Complete Physical Examination (CPE) where his medical, physical, mental and emotional condition will be examined to determine his readiness and fitness for the military training in the Academy. see more

Source: The ASIAN Policy

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