Use Content Marketing to Draw Attention to Your Business 2020


You may have heard of content marketing, which is the practice of giving interesting or educational content in return for traffic to a website.

This is a fairly easy tactic for businesses to learn, and it not only makes prospects and customers like the business more, but also allows the owners to give out information about their area of expertise.

For example, a company that produces pet doors might blog about pets.

When I first went through the 21-step program for creating and making an online business profitable, I learned about this technique, but I learned a lot more.

  1. I learned that John Chow made his living by using the 21-step program and creating content for his blog, and that his revenues exceed $1 million.
  2. I learned that the parent company for this program, MOBE, gave John an SL550 Mercedes Benz to drive for free as a token of their appreciation for John’s excellence in the program.
  3. I learned that those who complete all the steps and work the program are the most likely to succeed, while those who take half-measures get half-results.

Although everyone doesn’t make the kind of money that John Chow is making, it wasn’t unusual to learn of people making $50,000 per month. But the spectrum of income was wide, largely related to the amount of energy the various students put into it.

I appreciated the money-back guarantee that came with the program and decided to not only pursue it, but share what I know with others.

If you’re creating an online business or own a brick-and mortar business, here are some things you can do to attract traffic to your business and let people get to know you better and see why you’re a likeable and trustworthy business owner.

YouTube – many businesses make videos and post them on their home page. I’ve seen every kind of business from car washes to bakeries to sales post a video to let their prospects and visitors know exactly what they do, how they do it, and why they do it that way. It’s probably the best way you can let people get to know you.

Free Reports – When you land on somebody’s Website and you’re unfamiliar with what they offer you might notice that they ask you to fill in your email address and they’ll send you a free report, newsletter, or eBook. That’s because they have the chance to present their business in this free content, so you can learn about them and hopefully, order.

Email – after you sign up for a free gift, you’ll notice that the business that sent it to you will follow up with a series of emails. The content of the emails should be valuable to anyone who’s looking for a solution to a pressing problem. For example, if you landed on a Website about how to raise chickens, and received the free report about it, the emails will continue to give you information, notices about sales and specials, and other matters of interest to folks with chickens.

I hope this info has been helpful to you. Any business needs to use content marketing to gain attraction and do education-based marketing to those who need your solution. Personally, I really liked this 21-step program to making more money online because that was relevant to the problem I needed solved.

And, as always, I’d like to help you if you’re contemplating an online business or struggling to start one. You can click here to reach me personally, comment below, or check out this 21-step program, which is under $50 and carries a money-back guarantee.

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