28 Common Types of Rodents In and Around Your Home

Here’s a detailed list of all the different types of rodents you can find in and around your home. Some are more common than others. Photo examples included.

types of rodents

Rodents are mammals that are characterized by a single pair of front teeth that keep growing throughout their lifetime. They make up 40% of all mammal species.

They can be found in large numbers in six continents excluding Antarctica. Due to their survival instincts that allow them to survive in the wild and in human-made environments, they are considered the most diversified mammalian species out there.

They are also characterized by their affinity to burrow and dig in the ground to make homes for themselves or search for food sources. They usually have small bodies and long tails. Most rodents survive on a diet of plant material like nuts or fruits, or seeds, but some can have varied diets such as a predisposition towards meat and dairy products.

Why feature the different types of rodents on a home and garden site?

Because, rodents can be a nuisance in and around the home.


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