Sweet Ideas from the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

The best intimate wedding planner in Davao City suggests couples should be creative when planning their big day. This goes even if you want an intimate wedding with only a few dozens of guests. Why? Because this is your big day, and you want it to be remarkable for you, your loved one, and everybody in the event.

Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

Fantastic Ideas from the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

Make a Personalized Wedding Vow

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Sure, you can stick to the traditional wedding vow for your wedding. But it’s great when you and your loved one make your unique vows. Writing your own words for it is a fun, sweet, and remarkable experience to remember.

Take Time Drafting Your List of Guests

You’re on towards an intimate wedding. Meaning, you’d only invite not more than 75 people. Some great intimate weddings even have only around six to ten guests.

Make Great Impression through Invitations

Invitations don’t need to look dull and boring. You can add enough spices to them to impress your possible guests.

Choose the Best Venue and Schedule

Choose a venue that fits your preference as a couple. Or one that is suitable for your ideal wedding event. For example, you can choose a resort for a beach wedding, a private estate for a classy ambient, or a garden that fits nature themes.

Come Up with a Remarkable Wedding Theme

Of course, your big day won’t be complete without delectable food. Choose dishes that fit you and your loved one’s taste. And make sure that everybody would love the food too. Then find the best catering service for the job.

Hire the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City Today

Thinking about these ideas would make you imagine an unforgettable day for you, your loved one, and your guests. That is even with the small number of people present on your big day. But if you still want more of these ideas, connect with the best intimate wedding planner in Davao City to help you.

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