BUGS Life (Get Rid Of It)

True bugs are the only insects that warrant the term “bug.” All others are insects, but not bugs. That can be especially confusing because lots of insects have the word bug in their common name.

Ladybugs and lightning bugs, for example, are beetles and not true bugs. It gets worse: Many true bugs, such as aphids, are bugs without the word “bug” in their name.

When you find BUGS in your home, your first instinct might be to destroy them, but that’s not always the best course of action. Some insects are destructive and should be controlled, but some of them are also beneficial to especially to our gardens, or simply benign.

Insects also perform the important tasks of aerating soil, breaking down dead materials and returning them to the earth, and serving as food for wildlife.

Some insects, such as ladybird beetles and green lacewings, also eat harmful pests, which helps to keep the environment in balance. Source

So how can you get rid of bad bugs?

Here are some ways how to keep your home safe

  1. Keep your eyes peeled

Sure, insects can appear to have otherworldly abilities — mosquitos can fly, cockroaches can supposedly survive the apocalypse — but they can’t materialize out of nowhere. Your best defense: Look for warning signs and problem areas to stop them from invading your space.

  1. Secure the outside to keep pests from getting in

Unless your house came equipped with a bug breeding room, all insects invaders were once living outside. Your job is to keep them there.

Repair anything that creates a possible entry point like torn window screens or loose weather-stripping. If you find open spaces near pipes or vents, use caulk to fill small cracks or steel wool for larger gaps.

  1. Cleanliness is the key

Part of what gives bugs a bum rap is that they gravitate toward messes. Keeping your home clean is the best way to keep pests away, especially the kitchen where crumbs and other potential treats lurk.

Cockroaches love the smell of paper and hate light, so try to avoid clutter areas where bugs can congregate, especially things like stacks of magazines, boxes or bags.

  1. Don’t make your house a bug buffet

How do you get rid of an unwanted human houseguest? Make your home as inhospitable as possible: when you put the snacks away, the party is over. Pests are no different — they came to grub, so keep food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Continue reading


Bugs and insects can also be controlled by pesticides but it is not easy; the right formulation must be chosen, the timing is often critical, the method of application is important, adequate coverage and retention on the crop are necessary.

The killing of natural enemies of the target pest should be minimized. This is particularly important in countries where there are natural reservoirs of pests and their enemies in the countryside surrounding plantation crops, and these co-exist in a delicate balance.

Controlling bugs can also be achieved by hiring Pest Control Services. A service performed by trained and experienced professionals who use eco-friendly chemicals that keep you, your family, and the environment safe.

With a strong partnership with a trusted brand, Termidor, we treat termites using Termidor Chemical Barrier BASF product with a $2 million 8-year warranty. We paired a top-quality brand of products with a team of licensed professionals to properly treat your termite problems.


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BUGS Life (Get Rid Of It)

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