Sophie Howard Reviews | Blue Sky Amazon Product Research Tip

Sophie Howard Blue Sky Amazon Product Research Tip
Sophie Howard Reviews | Blue Sky Amazon Product Research Tip

The only way you’re going to make a sale on Blue Sky Amazon is if enough people search for it. So people type in keywords, press search, and buy something off the page of results on Amazon. If there’s nobody searching for that keyword, there’s no demand for it. That’s not going to be a great Amazon product. And also, if there’s demand, there’s a lot of people searching, but they’re not buying. They’re just browsing. It’s what I call a shopping product like handbags or something. People look at hundreds of hand bags they don’t actually buy one.

They’re just looking at what handbags sell. Or jewellery. They’ve got so many different styles and looks that you could go through pages and pages of jewellery, but without the sort of really clearly knowing what you’re going to buy when you start a search process whereas if someone’s looking for Bonzai stuff and getting something one-page one will be exactly what they needed. So you want a tight match between the search term and things that people actually append money on.

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