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What is BlackboxMyCar Coupon?

BlackboxMyCar Coupon is North America’s #1 authorized dash cam and car camera supplier, and since 2012 we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing competitive prices on dash cams and accessories to equip drivers with the tools necessary to protect themselves and their vehicles on the road.

Look out for the BlackboxMyCar coupon and BlackboxMyCar promo codes. You can save an average of 15% at checkout with one valid coupon.

What Is a Dash Cam and Why Do I Need One?

A dashcam stands for a dashboard camera that is mounted inside the vehicle, usually on the front windshield. A dashcam, depending on the model, can do many things such as record both when the vehicle is being driven and when it’s parked, record audio, provide a connection to a smartphone app so that video can be reviewed and saved on the spot, etc.

 BlackboxMyCar Coupon

Dashcams can come with 1-Channel (Front), 2-Channels (Front & Rear), 2-Channels (Front & Interior), or even as many as 3-channels to protect you and your vehicle. Check out the release of new BlackboxMyCar Coupon codes throughout the month.

You can especially find great coupons on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.

What is an IR Dash Cam & Why Do I Need One?

An IR dashcam is a dashcam with infrared lights that provide recording details under poorly-lit conditions, as well as total darkness. These are dual-channel dashcam setups with a regular front-facing unit and a secondary unit that comes with infrared lights.

The secondary unit is typically mounted to face and record the interior of the vehicle and thus is especially recommended for rideshare users, such as for Uber and Lyft, or for commercial use, such as fleet managers. Save your time.

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What are the Basic Features of a Dash Cam?

The basic features of a dashcam, including its ease of use, can be important factors in the decision of purchasing a dashcam. The products we carry all do their basic jobs easily and conveniently without much work involved. This article breaks down the basic features of a dashcam, covering terms including auto-start, auto-recording, loop recording, and more.

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Which dash cam is best for me?

With many deciding factors and features like designs, parking mode, smartphone integration, 4K UHD video resolution, g-force, ADAS, Cloud-connectivity, choosing the right dash cam can be quite daunting. Let us help you – with our Dash Cam Comparison and Buying guides. Check out the BlackboxMyCar Coupon code.

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What is Parking Mode?

Parking mode recording is a feature of a dashcam that keeps your dashcam recording footage even when the vehicle is off. Typically found only in premium dash cams, parking mode provides around-the-clock protection and surveillance for the vehicle.

Remember that an accident can happen at any time, and it’s always worse when the driver is away from the vehicle without any witnesses. The ability to capture footage while parked, to prevent hit-and-runs, door dings, and vandalism, can prove to be very useful.

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What is Wi-Fi & GPS for Dash Cams?

The GPS and wi-fi features in a dashcam can be highly useful, and sometimes even crucial in daily use. Traditionally, only higher-end premium dash cams offered these features but there are now a variety of lower-end dash cams that have these included as well.

We always recommend a dashcam with these features. In using your BlackboxMyCar coupon codes, follow these steps: Firstly, grasp the BlackboxMyCar Coupon at couponsplusdeals.com.

Secondly, visit the BlackboxMyCar website, click to choose any item which you fell in love with then add it to your cart. Continue to click “Proceed to check out.” Finally, enter the code into the “Gift card or discount code” cell then apply. Your total payment will be discounted immediately.

What is Video Resolution?

Almost all dash cams in the market today have Full HD 1080p resolution. With prices ranging from $150-$450, actual video quality varies greatly between these dash cams. So, what exactly is 1080p and how is it different between different dash cams?

What is a Form Factor?

Form factor refers to the shape and size of a dashcam. This is an important aspect to consider as it can affect the driver’s field of view as well as the amount of attention drawn from people outside the vehicle.

Dash cams are typically discrete in nature. Some are rectangular, while others are more circular. Some offer an LCD screen, while others do not and offer a phone app integration instead. Find out which one is right for you.

Should I use Adhesive or Suction Cup Mounts?

Dash cams are typically mounted on the front and rear windshields of the vehicle and come with either adhesive or suction cup mounts.

While suction cup mounts may seem convenient and easy to use, they are not recommended since they can come off the windshield easily and are much more prone to vehicle vibration, which makes video footage shaky and blurry. Almost all dash cams use adhesive mounts for good reason, as they are much more durable and reliable in the vehicle.

What are SD Cards & Storage?

When buying a dashcam system for your vehicle, many people tend to forget one hugely important item: the microSD card. MicroSD card usage in a dashcam is so vital because some cards fail very quickly and you may lose crucial footage in case of an accident.

In our experience, the best micro SD card for dashcams are high-capacity cards that are Class 10 with MLC technology, which basically translates to fast download and upload cards with added durability.

What is Memory Partitioning?

Memory partitioning refers to the ability of a dashcam to separate video files based on the type of recording so that only the same kind of files can overwrite each other. This is actually an extremely important feature, found only in premium dashcams, as it provides significantly more protection.

What is Night Vision?

This feature is a software/firmware-based processing effect on the video to boost exposure in lower exposed areas. In the sample video, you can see that the park that’s on the right of the vehicle (left in the rear clips) appears a lot brighter when super night vision is turned on.

What is Impact Detection / Motion Detection / G-Sensor?

Impact and motion detection is one of the most crucial aspects of a dashcam and is typically found only in premium models. Impact detection refers to a video file being recorded when triggered by an internal, built-in G-sensor, and motion detection refers to a video file being recorded when triggered by movement sensed by the video sensor. These two features ensure that your vehicle is being protected at all times, such as when a person or vehicle passes by and, more importantly, when there is damage to your vehicle.

What is the length of the rear cable for the DR900S-2CH/DR750S-2CH/DR590W-2CH? The 2-Channel BlackVue dashcam systems come with a 6m (approx. 20 ft) rear camera connecting cable.

How do I turn off the LEDs on the dashcam?

You can turn on / off the dashcam’s LEDs in the dashcam/firmware settings -> Wi-Fi & Other -> Other settings. The GPS and Wi-Fi LEDs on the dashcam can’t be turned off. The rear camera security LED can be turned off only in the DR650S-2CH model.
How do I access/configure the dash cam’s settings/firmware settings using BlackVue Viewer?

BlackboxMyCar Coupon

Using BlackVue Viewer: Unplug the dash cam’s power cable and take out its microSD card. Insert the card into the microSD card reader and connect it to a computer. * Make sure that your computer recognizes the SD card.

Run the BlackVue Viewer program OR you can download it from our website, install it on your computer and run. In BlackVue Viewer, Go to Settings (Windows) / BlackVue Viewer-> Preferences (Mac) to access the settings panel. Configure your desired settings and don’t forget to click “Save & Close”.

How do I access/configure the dash cam’s settings/firmware settings using the BlackVue App?

Using BlackVue App: Only if your dashcam has built-in Wi-Fi. Go to your smartphone’s Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to your dash cam’s Wi-Fi. Open the BlackVue app. Select BLACKVUE WI-FI > Settings > Configure your desired settings-> Save & Close.

Do I have to be connected to the BlackVue Wi-Fi every time that I want my dashcam to record?

Not at all! You only need to connect to the BlackVue wi-fi when you want to review your footage on the phone app. Otherwise, your dashcam will automatically start recording when you turn on your vehicle ignition, or just keep recording 24/7 if you have parking mode enabled as well.

How do I connect my smartphone to my BlackVue via WiFi?

Download and install the BlackVue app on your smartphone. To connect your smartphone to the BlackVue dashcam’s Wi-Fi, stay near to the dashcam (the distance between the dashcam and the smartphone should not be more than 10m [32 feet]) Check if the Wi-Fi LED on the dashcam is ON or blinking. If it isn’t, press the Wi-Fi button to turn it ON or restart the dashcam.

What is the default password for my BlackVue dashcam?

The default wi-fi password for your device is found on the front unit after you remove it from the front mount. You will see the SSID, which is the wi-fi network name, as well as the default password. It is different for every camera.

How can I watch/download/export the recorded videos via BlackVue Viewer?

Unplug the power cable of the dashcam and take out the microSD card. Insert the card into the microSD card reader and connect it to a computer.

Run the BlackVue Viewer. You can download it from BlackVue’s official downloads page and install it on your computer. You can export the desired recordings from the BlackVue Viewer to your computer by right-clicking on the recordings and then “Export” or accessing the Record folder in the microSD card to copy/move the recordings to your computer. To export the recordings on Mac, you have to access the Record folder on the microSD card.

How can I watch/download/export the recorded videos over the Cloud?

Only Cloud-supported dashcams have the feature of accessing the recordings remotely. Make sure that the dashcam and the smartphone are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi hotspot). Login to the BlackVue app. Select BLACKVUE CLOUD. Select your camera.

Select the video you want to watch. You can watch videos from the camera’s microSD card and from the Cloud storage. Tap the icon next to the video you want to backup. Select “Copy to Internal memory” to save the recording in your smartphone or “Copy to Cloud” to upload the recording to the BlackVue Cloud server.

How can I watch/download/export the recorded videos via Direct Wi-Fi?

Go to your smartphone’s Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to your dashcam. Open the BlackVue app. Select BLACKVUE Wi-Fi. Select the video you want to watch from the camera’s microSD card. Tap the icon next to the video you want to backup. Select “Copy to Internal memory” to save the recording on your smartphone.

How can I watch recorded videos saved o0n my smartphone (Internal Memory)?

Watching recorded videos saved on your smartphone (Internal Memory): (1) Open the BlackVue app. Select INTERNAL MEMORY. (2) Select the video you want to watch.

What does Manual Recording mean? Manual recording is a feature of BlackVue dashcams (with built-in Proximity sensor) that creates a separate Event recording file (starting 5 seconds before it was triggered) when the sensor is touched, or a finger is waved within 20mm of the sensor. The manual recording file thumbnails are marked as “M”. Manual recording can’t be triggered if the dashcam is already recording another event at that moment.

What is the length of a manual recording file? The length of a manual recording file is 1 minute and can be 1, 2, or 3 minutes depending on the file length that you have set in dashcam/firmware settings. -> Recording settings -> Event and Parking mode recording duration.

How does the dash cam record in parking mode?

All BlackVue dashcams turn to Parking Mode automatically by default once the vehicle is stationary for a few minutes. If the car is parked and the engine is turned off, the dashcam will keep recording only if it is hardwired to the car’s battery using Power Magic Pro or connected to a Power magic battery pack. The BlackVue keeps recording all the time in Parking Mode, but without writing to the microSD card.

BlackboxMyCar Coupon

The video is recorded only if a motion or an impact is detected, creating a video file that starts 5 seconds before the triggering event (using the buffer memory) and saving that file to the memory card.

If you want the dash cam to be recording during Parking mode all the time, just like in Normal mode (Driving mode), you can disable the “Auto-switching to Parking mode” in dashcam/firmware settings -> Basic settings -> Recording settings.

Can I use the Power Magic Pro (PMP) with the new DR900X/DR750X?

If you are upgrading from the S-series to the new X-series and you already have the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) installed, you can actually keep using it.

All you need to do is swap out the old male cigarette power adaptor cable with the one included with your X-series dashcam. This applies to the BlackVue DR900X, DR750X, and DR590X.

Hardwiring Kit vs. Power Magic Pro – which is better?

It depends on how often you want to use parking mode recording. While both give your dashcam access to your car battery for power once the ignition is off, the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) actually offers you the added option to toggle parking mode on or off via the ON/OFF switch.

This feature comes in handy if, say, you want to turn off Parking Mode recording when you’re parking in your home garage, but have it on when you’re parking anywhere else.

The ON/OFF switch doesn’t impact your dash cam’s recording capabilities when the car is in drive – only when the ignition is off. We have an article if you would like to learn more: BlackVue X-Series: Battery Pack, Hardwiring Kit, or PMP?

How do I adjust the point of view in my BlackVue camera without a screen?

You can easily adjust the point of view of your dashcam on all models with a Wi-Fi connection. Please follow these steps: (1) Turn on your dashcam WIFI. (2) Connect your mobile phone to the dashcam’s WIFI SSID. (3) Go on BlackVue’s Mobile App and connect to the Live View (4) You will be able to easily adjust the point of view by following the live footage on your mobile phone’s screen as you rotate the cameras in their mounts.

Can I use my iPhone / Android phone as a mobile hotspot? It is entirely possible to use your iPhone / Android phone as a mobile hotspot for your dash camera.

Do remember that you need to leave your mobile hotspot by your dashcam within your car so that it will have continuous access to the Cloud, so we typically recommend doing this with a backup phone that has a separate SIM card.

What is your warranty coverage?

For warranty, we provide a return label only for dead-on-arrival units and if the customer reaches out to us within 7 days of the delivery date.

What is your warranty policy?

All of our dashcams and battery packs are covered by a 1-year limited warranty unless otherwise stated. In the case of any malfunctions and defects, we will gladly warranty this device for you.

All of our dashcam accessories come with a 6-month limited warranty. This warranty is applicable to manufacturer defects only and does not include user-generated issues or physical damage.

What is not covered under warranty?

(1) Damage caused by accident, abuse, improper installation, water damage, and theft. (2) Any costs related to removing or reinstalling the product. (3) Any product that has been altered, defaced or had the serial number removed. (4) Any product that was not purchased from BlackboxMyCar Coupon. NOTE: (1) Car accessories such as headlights, phone mounts, and air fresheners are final sale. (2) We do not provide a warranty on G1W dash cams purchased through Amazon.com or anywhere besides BlackboxMyCar.

BlackboxMyCar Coupon

What are out-of-warranty repairs?

BlackboxMyCar is 100% authorized to work directly with manufacturers, so we can offer repair services for a specified fee that is more competitive compared to other online vendors. Please note that repair services are not available for all dashcam brands due to limitations by the manufacturer.

What is your returns and exchange policy?

We fully stand behind our products and are absolutely confident that they will meet and exceed your highest expectations. However, if you are unhappy with your unit, simply contact us within 30 days of the purchase date and we’ll get the return process started for you.

What is your refund policy?

If the purchase was made using a credit card, we will issue a refund for the amount paid and to the credit card that was used at the time of purchase.

If you’ve made your purchase via PayPal, we will issue a refund for the amount paid and to the PayPal account that was used at the time of purchase.

If the purchase was made using a BlackboxMyCar Gift Card, we will issue the refund in gift credits back to the gift card that was used at the time of purchase.

Will BlackboxMyCar take responsibility for any lost packages that are being returned to you?

No. BlackboxMyCar is not responsible for any lost packages that are sent to us.
How long the orders are processed after purchase? We usually fulfill all orders after 1 business day but may take up to 3 business days.

All orders, unless via postage or otherwise stated in the shopping cart by the customer, are Signature-Required Delivery.

How do the customer’s rate BlackboxMyCar?

In general, it received an extremely high rating based on the BlackboxMyCar reviews.
How can I contact you with any questions regarding the company and the product? For your questions, you can visit BlackboxMyCar support at https://support.blackboxmycar.com/. Or you can call BlackboxMyCar’s phone number: 1 (888) 978 6560.

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