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What is Tyche Software Coupon?

Tyche Software Coupon

Tyche Software Coupon is an essential business network for online shopping that has reached 40 million potential clients. It builds WordPress plugins for WooCommerce that help store owners increase their sales.

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Are the licenses valid for a lifetime?

No, each license is valid for one calendar year from the date of your purchase. After one year, license keys will be automatically renewed at the original price of the plugin, at which point the Plugin License is extended for an additional year. This automatic renewal can be canceled or the payment method changed by you at any time.

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What types of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept payments via PayPal & Stripe. We only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a purchase order, take a check, or take any orders over the phone.

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Do you offer refunds?

Tyche Software Coupon

Yes, we do offer a 30 days money-back guarantee with all our plugins. You can find more information about the refund policy on the terms and conditions page.

Tyche Softwares accepts coupon code submissions for many stores. Please see our Contact Page for more details and to submit your discount.

Where can I find my license key?

If you’ve already purchased a license key and need to retrieve the license number, you can do that on the support site. Once you’ve successfully registered and logged into the support site, click on the “my account” link in the right sidebar, and your active license key(s) will be listed at the top of the page.

Use one Tyche Software coupon code per order. You should apply the code that gives you the best discount.

Can I purchase a personal license & upgrade later?

Sure. You can buy a personal license. You can upgrade directly from the form settings page. Coupon codes or other promotional discounts do not apply to renewals.

What do I get with my license?3

Tyche Software Coupon

Your license grants you access to all of our support resources, documentation, and product downloads for one calendar year from your purchase date.

How much does it cost to renew my license after it has expired?

You can renew your license at the purchase price of the plugin, at which point the Plugin License is extended for an additional year.

What do I get for renewing my license?

Renewing your license provides an additional year of support and software updates. This provides peace of mind knowing you can turn to us for Product related support and assistance. You’ll also continue receiving software updates to ensure WordPress, WooCommerce compatibility as well as great new features and enhancements!

Will my plugins quit working if my license expires?

No way. If your license expires, your plugins will still work just fine unless something changes with the WordPress core itself. You just won’t have access to download the plugins, won’t receive product updates, and won’t be able to access the incredible product support that we offer.

Oh No! My Download Link Expired! What Can I Do?

If you’ve already purchased plugins and need to download the plugin files again, you can visit https://www.tychesoftwares.com/checkout/purchase-history/ and grab the plugin files from there. If you still have problems getting the files, just drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll be glad to help.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. You can find the details here.

I am a lifetime member. So do I have to renew my license after a year of my purchase?

NO. For an existing lifetime member, he does not need to renew his license. For any new client, he has to renew his license every year. All customers who have made their purchases before December 7 2013, 6 AM EST, hold lifetime licenses & they do not need to renew their licenses each year.

What are different types of bookings can I set up with this plugin?

There are three main bookings types for which products can be set up: 1. Only Day 2. Date & Time 3. Multiple Dates. Only Days allows bookings for Single.

With how many product types this plugin is compatible?

Our booking plugin is compatible with all default product types that come with WooCommerce.

Can I restrict the number of bookings for each booking date?

Yes, by setting up the value in the ‘Max Bookings’ option, you can restrict the number of bookings for each date.

Is it possible to change the booking details during the booking process?

Yes, we have an Edit Bookings feature that allows editing the booking details on the Cart and Checkout page.

Is it possible to view all the bookings from a single view?

Yes, we have a View Bookings page where one can view, search and sort the bookings.

Does this plugin allow automatic sync of bookings with Google Calendar?

Yes. by setting up Google API for products, you can import and export the bookings automatically to the Google Calendar.

Tyche Software Coupon

How do I create a manual booking?

You can create a manual booking from Booking-> Create Booking page.

Is it possible to allow the customer to make the booking without selecting the booking details?

Yes, we have the ‘Purchase without choosing a date’ option in the General tab of the Booking meta box which allows the customer to purchase the product.

Can I translate the plugin string into my native language? If yes, then how?

You can use the .po file of the plugin for translating the plugin strings.

Can I set bookable products that require the site owner’s confirmation?

Yes, by enabling the ‘Requires Confirmation’ option in the General tab of the Booking meta box you can achieve it.

Do you have a list of payment gateways that are compatible with this plugin?

We do not interfere with the payment gateways. So all the payment gateways which work fine with WooCommerce will work fine with this plugin as well.

Can I exclude the weekends for bookings as we do not take bookings on weekends?

Yes, you can exclude the weekends by disabling Saturday & Sunday (or any weekdays) in the Weekdays table in the Availability tab of our Booking meta box.+

Is it possible to always display the Booking Calendar on the front-end product page?

Yes, by enabling the ‘Enable Inline Calendar’ option in the General tab of the Booking meta box, the Booking calendar will be always visible.

Is your plugin compatible with WPML as I wanted my site to be available in multiple languages?

Yes, the plugin is made compatible with WPML. We do have a certificate of compatibility from the WPML.

Is the customer allowed to reschedule the booking after the order is placed?

Yes, we have Reschedule Bookings feature which allows rescheduling the bookings from the My Account page.

Can I set labels for booking fields?

Yes, you can set labels for booking fields as per your business requirements at Booking -> Settings -> Labels & Messages page.

How to force the customer to select the minimum number of nights for booking the product?

You can set it for all the bookable products by setting the value to option ‘Minimum number of days to choose’ at Booking -> Settings -> Glo…

How to take bookings for a fixed number of days?

We have a Fixed Block Booking feature that allows us to set up the fixed blocks for booking the product.

Is it possible to set the price of booking based on the ranges?

Yes. We have a ‘Price By Range Of Nights’ feature which allows store owners to create ranges for the product.

Can I print or get a CSV of all the bookings?

Yes, on the View Bookings page of our plugin, we provide two buttons, one is for Printing the bookings and another is for downloading the bookings in a CSV file.

Does your plugin provide integration with Zoom?

Yes, we have made our Booking plugin compatible with the Zoom application. This integration with the zoom allows creating the zoom meetings for the bookings.

Is it possible to show the time slots as per the Customer Timezone?

Yes, we do have a feature called “Timezone Conversion” that converts the time slots you have added and displays them as per the customer’s timezone.

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