What a Business Method Patent Is

A business method Patent right allows an inventor to defend their new idea for doing business that involves a unique use of automation.
Discover out what the requirements are and how to use them for a business method patent.

People usually think of patents as using concrete creation, as a new kind of self-opening prescription pill container. A business method is another type of patent available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This type of patent usually patents a business method combined with technology, resulting in a new way of doing business.

business method

Example of a Business Method Patent

The example of a business method would be an anti-fraud ATM that reads the ATM card and processes transactions. Then, it uses software to send the customer a secure code on their cell phone to verify the transaction.

The Difference Between a Business Method Patent.

To register for a business method, you must be using a utility patent application—which is a subset of benefit patents—that contain specific about your business method. When writing a business method patent application, your description should clearly explain the method you have invented and how it interacts with the technology or equipment and a detailed description of the software involved (note that software can be copyrighted but not patented).

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